Top 7 Gir Cow Ghee Benefits and disadvantages for health

Desi Ghee is recognized in Ayurveda as an important component in the physical and mental development of human beings. From strengthening your immunity to improving your digestive system, gir ghee has many benefits for your health. It should be made a part of a healthy lifestyle .

Top 7 Gir Cow Ghee Benefits and disadvantages for health

Gir cow ghee  made by a special process from the milk of A2 cow, that we are generally known as Desi cows. It is the purest of the ghees available in the market .

Ghee has been an integral part of every traditional and modern Indian kitchen since time immemorial. In olden times mothers used to put ghee in the food of her children for their health.

Health Benefits Of Gir Cow's Ghee

Today in this article, we will know about the healthy advantages of gir cow's ghee.

increase Strengthen and Immunity

A strong immune system makes a person healthy. A2 Gir Cow Ghee is very effective in increasing your immunity. You probably know that ghee is a rich source of butyrate which is known to improve the immune system. It reduces the risk of colon cancer by reducing its symptoms.

Helps in Muscle Growth

A2 desi cow ghee consists of Vitamin A which supports protein synthesis and glycogen production. It also contains Vitamin B, which is an antioxidant and blocks the effects of free radicals that hamper muscle growth. Gir cow ghee, therefore, plays an important part in the body’s well-being and supports muscle growth.

ghee is beneficial for constipation

Gir ghee lubricates the body from inside which helps in relieving constipation. That's why drink one spoon of A2 ghee mixed with milk at night. With this, constipation and cholesterol problem will go away gradually.

memory booster

A2 Cow Ghee increases the working efficiency of the body by preventing cell damage. We must consume A2 desi cow's ghee in our daily diet, it sharpens the memory power and also strengthens the nervous system.

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Ghee boosts immunity

Different types of components in Gir Ghee like- Omega 3, Vitamin, A2, D, E which provide strength to the body against various types of diseases.

ghee make bone healthy

Vitamin D is found in gir ghee and you know how important this vitamin is for the strength of bones, so consume ghee and prevent erosion of bone density.

Ghee makes skin healthy and glowing

Do you know ghee is rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it is helpful in removing pigmentation, inflammation in the skin, it is a kind of natural moisturizer that provides smoothness to your skin. In addition, Gir Ghee softens dry lips and cracked heels. If your hair is very dry and there is no shine in them, applying tea ghee to your hair will definitely benefit.

How many spoon ghee per day ?

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), fats should also make up less than 10 percent of your daily calories from unsaturated fats, which come from seeds, nuts, and vegetable oils.

You can consume 1 to 2 tablespoons of cow's ghee daily.

Gir cow ghee benefits in pregnancy

gir cow ghee is helpful in the development of the child growing during pregnancy and also gives relief from constipation during this period. But consult your doctor before use.

How to use Ghee?

Most of the people eat in food. But if you want to get special benefits then use this type.

You can have a small amount of ghee before meals, it opens up the appetite and stimulates digestion.

Apart from this, on an empty stomach in the morning, mixed with hot water, can be dissolved in herbal tea.

Who should not eat ghee/disadvantages?

lactose intolerant

Those who are allergic to milk proteins.

heart patient

person suffering from a particular disease takes medicine


Q- what happens if we eat cow ghe daily?

A- If you eat ghee everyday, it will make your bones strong, constipation will not happen, skin will remain soft, besides this there are many other benefits which have been mentioned earlier.

 What is the right time to eat ghee?

Q- Is cow ghee bad for liver?

A- Cow ghee is considered safe in moderate and limited amounts and may even provide some potential health benefits. Any fat is harmful for the liver, if you do not consume it with liver disease.


Ghee has traditionally been widely used and respected in Indian culture, excess of any good substance can also cause harm, if consumed with moderation, cow's ghee can be beneficial.